Support Akanksha students as they head back to school for a new and challenging school year 

Join Akanksha Education Fund Young Professionals in supporting 10,000 children as they embark on a new school year and add a modicum of consistency in their lives during this period of global uncertainty. 

Akanksha’s centers are built around providing quality education to under-served students, propelling them to a brighter future. Their 21 schools offer a vibrant space to 10,000 students, ensuring they have access to the highest quality learning along with meals, counseling and mentorship.

The global pandemic has resulted in significant challenges for Akanksha families, from a staggering loss of income, to the struggle for basic health and hygiene supplies, to the immense disruption in students’ learning. 

We invite you to support Akanksha families as they navigate through this unique upcoming school year, and help to bridge the gaps for students so they can continue their education and keep their futures bright. 

Akanksha Education Fund Young Professionals

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